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One of the most common surprises facing companies who invest in document management system is the amount of manual data entry required to index images for storage and retrieval. If you don’t apply at least several indexes to every image, finding the desired document image a week, a month, or a year later, can be tedious and time consuming. As scanning volumes rise, the solution to the inevitable bottleneck, is indexing.

Four vFiler Products Accelerate Indexing With Recognition

vFiler™ Rapid Indexer and vFiler™ Automated Indexer (three versions - Standard, Barcode & Forms Recognition) are document indexing software solutions that apply the latest OCR technology, database connectivity and pull down list creation to reduce or eliminate manual data entry altogether. These solutions enable you to locate and recognize data that can be used to index, such as dates, social security numbers, invoice numbers, sales order numbers, or any other information contained on a page. For each document, you can create as many required index fields as is necessary.

Automatic Document Separation and Identification

Bar codes can also be an helpful source of meta data for document indexing, whether printed on the document, applied with stickers, or on a separator sheet between documents. vFiler supports the recognition of bar codes type, check boxes, machine print and numeric handprint. For large batches of mixed, multi-page documents, such as legal case files, insurance policies, mortgages, and government records, vFiler users can insert “Separator” sheets between documents – which enable the document prep person to add relevant indexes by checking boxes or writing in fields - and leverage recognition to eliminate typing. Batch separator sheets apply index values for all documents in a batch. Document separator sheets identify individual

documents and other document-specific indexes.

Distribute Scanning and Indexing Via Desktop

vFiler™ Rapid Indexer provides desktop-based scanning and verification and enables distributed scanning to locations where documents originate to save shipping costs and accelerate input. You can also distribute verification tasks to workers anywhere in the world to take advantage of lower labor rates.

vFiler™ document indexing software can deliver real benefits:

  • Increase document indexing efficiency
  • Reduce time spent looking for documents
  • Decrease or eliminate manual data entry
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Automate Document Identification
  • Easy Document separation

Yes, every version of vFiler™ comes with Retrieve™ a free document management software application designed for small and mid-sided businesses.

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